Dirty Goat Farm

Promoting naturally based farming and a sustainable living.

Promoting naturally based farming, green living, and a homemade lifestyle.

We are in northern Minnesota working towards a 100% sustainable naturally producing farm. It’s a journey with laughter and tears, frustration and blessing, and SNOW. We do all this with our eight plus children (plus one on the way) who give us almost more adventure than we can handle. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

All natural soaps, laundry soaps and detergents, hand crafted items. Naturally raised produce, eggs, milk, and meat.

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  1. My friend brought me a candle from your farm called Farmers Market. It smells so good and clean. Can you tell us what the scent is. We’ve guessed everything from cucumber to fresh cut grass.
    I’ve been enjoying the candle tremendously, but she wishes she had bought herself one also. How an I get one for her. Thank you. Love your product!

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Farmers Market Bemidji MN
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At the Bemidji Farmers Market on Weekends and Special Request Orders by Calling.