Ruttger’s Birchmont Lodge


Welcome to Ruttger’s Birchmont Lodge, a Northern Minnesota Resort.
We get it. We are still in awe…

Northern Minnesota, a truly magical place filled with the maniacal song of the loon, clean air, vast forests, and, of course, pristine lakes. After more than 115 years of historic Ruttger family resort operation and four generations of ownership, the Northern Lights still take our breath away. Sometimes, we withstand temperatures of 30 below. Yet, there is something mystical.

We love it here.

We understand why people, from all over the world, travel to see and experience where we live. We get it. We love it here. We understand why in 1915, a logger by the name of George Cochran fulfilled his dream and opened our resort on the northwest shore of this beautiful lake in Bemidji. We understand why, in 1937, Don Ruttger, having just graduated from the University of Minnesota, decided to venture north to begin the Bemidji Minnesota Ruttger tradition. We get it. We’re still here. 100 years and going strong.

Relax. Enjoy.


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7598 Bemidji Rd Ne, Bemidji, MN
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