Redhead Mountain Bike Park in Chisholm, Minnesota

Redhead Mountain Bike Park in Chisholm, Minnesota,


Welcome to Redhead Mountain Bike Park – Closed due to Thunderstorms 

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TRAIL CONDITIONS: 6/13/22 all trails are temporarily closed due to thunder storms and rain. Please do not ride or hike on closed trails to prevent further delay of reopening them. Thank you! 

Redhead MTB Park is a public park free to ride and is open 7-days a week excluding rain days and/or seasonal change over. 

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Come discover the new world-class Redhead Mountain Bike Park at the Minnesota Discovery Center (MDC) in Chisholm, MN. Carved from the walls of an abandoned water-filled mine pit, Redhead offers outdoor enthusiast an oasis of fun year-round. Redhead has something for everyone – with nearly 25-miles of hand crafted, purpose built mountain bike trails already on the ground and more on the way. Difficulty ranges from beginner (easy) to expert level with a wide array of terrain features and options for riders to test out their skills.

“The Redhead Mountain Bike Park, being built on 1,225-acres of former Iron Range mineland, is shaping up to arguably be the most scenic and unequaled mountain bike park in the Midwest.” – Business North

Winter Recreation

Winter Trail Rules: When it rains (or snows, if the ground is not frozen), the single-track trails will be immediately closed to all users (foot or bike) until trail conditions dry out and firm up. Trails typically reopen a few hours after rain ends, but the cooler the temperature, the longer this may take. Wet, soft or muddy trails are extremely easy to damage, which is why we close them until they dry out. If you are leaving tire ruts or footprints in the trail or your bike or footwear is muddy, you are damaging a trail that is currently too soft to use. All trails at Redhead MTB Park close to all uses (foot or bike) for three weeks in November for the firearms deer hunting season.

Permitted Winter Uses: Fat biking and snowshoeing only. Biking is prohibited on the snowmobile trail from December 1 – April 1 within the boundaries of the Redhead MTB Park. This causes the middle section of the Rim Trail to be closed, this will be marked with trail signage.

Winter Regulations: Bicycle tires must be at least 3.7″ wide | Foot travel on snowshoes only | Snowshoes are available for rent at the Minnesota Discovery Center

Prohibited Winter Uses: Foot travel (except as permitted with snowshoes) | Pets on groomed trails |Activities that can damage groomed trails | Biking on the snowmobile trail from December 1 – April 1

Winter Trail Grooming: Volunteers generally groom trails in the evening after snowfall ends. Freshly groomed trails are very soft and easily damaged until they can refreeze and firm up. For this reason, we ask for bikes to stay off freshly groomed trail for 12-24 hours after they have been groomed for surface conditions to be ideal for biking again. Snowshoes are welcome on the freshly groomed trail as they help pack the snow. Visit or download the Trailforks Phone App for the latest trail grooming conditions.
Winter tips: If you are leaving tire ruts in groomed trails, that is considered damage and the trails are closed to that activity. Bring snowshoes as a backup activity in case trail conditions are too soft for biking. (Most days when temperatures are above freezing.) Snowshoeing helps pack the surface on freshly groomed or soft trails, which can get bikes back on the trail sooner. Reduce tire pressure in your bike. 2-4 psi in soft snow; up to 8 psi in firm snow. Use studded tires for variable trail conditions and added safety. Check the Chisholm, MN weather before you travel (ZIP 55719).
We just completed 25 miles of trails on a landscape cratered with deep blue lakes, expansive overlooks, towering cliff faces, rugged bedrock, and rich, iron-stained dirt. But we’re not finished — there are still miles and miles of untouched acreage ready to be sculpted into new trail.

Trailhead Facility Hours (MDC)

MDC Trailhead Facility Hours: (Autumn/Winter Hours) – New extended hours coming May 28th. 

Tuesday: 10 am – 5 pm

Wednesday: 10 am – 5 pm

Thursday: 10 am –  8 pm

Friday: 10 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED

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